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We manufacture a full line of Honda Custom Triple Trees for stock replacement and custom builds. Starting from the 1970,s we build the CB 350/550/650 twin to the 750 in-line 4. We have developed a full Gold Wing line from the 1000 GL to the 1500 GL. We have also added the 1100, 1300 ST models and all 750 and 1100 Shadow/Ace/Spirit models.

Below are examples of Honda Custom Triple Trees we have manufactured for the listed models.
1984-87 GL1200
GL 1100
GL 1000
ST 1300
ST 1100
VT 1100C
VT 750
2003 and earlier - 750 Spirit
CB 900
CB 750

Honda GL1200 Custom Triple Trees
1984 - 1987 - 5 degree rake - Stock Application We developed this set to correct the handling for trike and Side Car steering. From positive feedback we receive, the 5 degree works very well . We build this Honda raked tree set in all the 1200 models ,the Interstate, the Aspencade and the Special and Limited edition.

Honda GL 1100 Custom Triple Trees
This set features a 5 degree rake and is built for a stock application with all the factory parts to be reinstalled .This tree set is built to assist in the the steering on side car and trike applications

Honda GL 1000 Custom Triple Trees

These are our earliest style Gold Wing Triple trees. The set shown are for a 1977 model. This set has a 5 degree rake and being installed for a side car application.

Honda ST 1300 Custom Triple Trees

This set was designed and built to assist in a side car application .It has a 6 1/4 degree rake built in. The report back from this installation was very good. The bike handled real well with ease of steering and smooth cornering. .The factory hardware bearings in the photo are not included with the tree set.

Honda ST 1100 Custom Triple Trees

This tree set is also available in all 5 of our rake angles. The 5 degree rake works well for steering improvements on the side car and trike application.

Honda VT 1100C Custom Triple Trees

This tree set accepts all the stock fork tube covers and stock light assembly. The model year shown is 2002.This tree set utilizes the stock top bearing dust shield,not supplied.

Honda VT 750 Custom Triple Trees

This set fits the 2005 A.C.E. Shadow Deluxe. This set of trees accepts the factory upper and lower tube covers, stock cable harnesses and the stock headlight and light bracket. The stock fork lock is not available. The stock cable brackets, dust shields and bearing races are shown for this display and are not included with the tree set. This model has been available in the U.S. since 1997.Honda manufactures many versions of this model. We have taken photos of the stock set along side our custom set for reference. This tree set was designed to improve the steering on trike and side car applications. It is also popular as a 2 wheel custom.

Honda 750 Spirit Custom Triple Trees - 2003 and earlier

The set has a 5 degree rake built in, and is popular as a 2 wheel custom set up . It adds a small wheel base increase and lowers the bike about 1 inch. The set shown has a standard Scuffed finish.

Honda CB 900 Custom Triple Trees

This set was designed and built for stock application. The bike is set up with a side car.

Honda CB 750 Custom Triple Trees

Custom Triple Trees by Machine And Design
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