Victory Triple Trees
The Victory Motorcycle Company from Polaris ended its production in January 2017.These Bikes were manufactured 19 years. Realizing the popularity of the Victory brand, Machine & Design/Custom Triple Trees continue to offer a full line of Triple Tree products for the Victory Motorcycle .We have been called upon to build triple trees for several models that were converted to a trike/ side car or built as a 2 wheel projects. As we build and catalog the models and there features we will picture them below. IF you do not see your model or style you are looking for, e mail or call 630-858-6416. We can customize a set for you.


V92C Raked Stock Application Triple Tree
Below are 3 pictures of our 5 degree rake ,stock application triple tree for the Early V92C Motorcycle.This stylish set will add a custom look to any 2 or 3 wheeler.
Crusier Sport Stock Application Raked Triple Tree
Below are 3 pictures of ourVictory Inverted fork,50mm top,54mm bottom ,stock application, 5 degree rake triple tree. Very similar to the V92C, this tree set offers added style to any 2 or 3 wheeled cycle.



Eight Ball Stock Application Raked Triple Trees
Below are 3 pictures of our Victory,stock application,5 degree raked triple tree. This tree set remounts the top indicator light cover. This model is very popular as a 2 wheel custom.
2016 highball Stock Application Raked Triple Tree
Below are 3 pictures of a newer Victory Highball ,5 degree raked triple tree.This set was built to adjust the rough steering conditions created by 3 wheel driving . A picture of this Trike is featured on our home page.
Last Entry date 4 /1/2020
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