Kawasaki Triple Trees
Machine &Design builds a full line of stock replacement and custom triple trees for Kawasaki motorcycles.Shown below are some of the Kawasaki triple trees and projects we have been involved with. This page of the web site is constantly being updated with new material.If you do not see the model bike or front end you are working with we have not brought it up on the site yet.All of our Kawasaki triple trees have the Machine & Design custom features shown in our features link.If there is something you need built and do not see it call us We can build it for you !


Drifter , Stock Appliction, Raked Triple Tree
Below are 3 pictures of our Stock application Raked triple trees for the kawasaki Drifter.This model popular thru the 1990s and into the early 2000s. This set has a 5 degree rake built in. We have built this set for both steering improvement and customizing a 2 wheeler.


2005 later Vulcan Classic Raked Triple Tree
Below are 3 pictures of our late model Vulcan Classic triple tree.This set has a 5 degree rake built in.This set incorperates the new fork stop and lock like its big brother the Vulcan Nomad.


2004 down Vulcan Classic Raked Triple Trees
Below are 3 pictures of our Early 1500 Vulcan Classic triple tree.This set incorporates the early fork stops and lock design.A 5 degree rake is built into the set.This triple tree has been built to aid the steering of motorcycle trikes and side cars.


2009 Voyager Raked Triple Tree
Below are pictures af several different Kawasaki Voyager raked Triple Trees. We build modified sets for all The Voyager models. If you do not see the set you are looking for cal or email us. 630-858-6416 These sets work well building a custom 2 wheeler or assisting the steering on Trikes and Side Cars


Voyager XII Stock Application Raked Triple Tree


Meanstreak Open Custom 250mm Wide

Below are 3 pictures of an open custom Meansteak Triple Tree set. We were called apon to build a clean polished set to replace the aging stock ones.This tree set runs a 50mm top tube diameter and a 54mm bottom diameter. Some of the mounting holes have been eliminated for the clean look . This is a standard tree set no additional rake ,it was ordered as a stock custom replacement.We can build this set of trees with all of the stock mounts and a one of our rake 5 angles built in as with all of our custom tree sets.Call or e mail for more info. 630-858-6416


1999 down 1500 Vulcan Nomad,Stock app.
Below are several sets of pictures for our Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan Nomad .This model has a built in 5 degree rake with the stock 41mm tube and is 270mm wide.The trees are for stock application. Call us for more infotmation on this model .
2000 up 1500 Vulcan Nomad, Stock App,
1980 KZ 1000 Triple Tree
Below are 3 pictures of our stock application ,KZ 1000 custom tree set .The stock handle bar riser blocks were replaced with thru holes . This permits the mounting of Custom bar risers.the builder choose to run 1"dia. handle bars instead of the stock 7/8"size.This set has a small 2 1/2 degreerake built in .This creates enough clearance to run a larger diameter wheel.The set was polished for a clean custom look. We can build sets like tis for all the KZ models.


Vulcan Nomad 2000 Classic Raked Triple Tree
Below are 3 pictures of our Kawasaki 2000 Vulcan Nomad Classsic.We build this set with a 6 1/4 degree rake built in.This is a heavy motorcycle with a cruising neck angle. To assist in Trike and Side Car steering , a greater amount of rake angle is required.This is a stock application set, all the stock gauges,cover and ignition bolt back up. For more info cal 630-858-6416


Vulcan Nomad 2000 A, Standard Model
Below are 3 pictures of our Standard, A model VN 2000 raked triple trees. This set like the Classic has a 6 1/4 degree rake built in.It is also a stock application set where all the stock parts bolt back up.
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