35mm & 39mm MID GLIDES

Machine & Design offers a wide selection of mid glide tree sets that fit Harley – Davidson motorcycles from 1973 to present. Our custom width is 8 1/2 " from tube center to center. This width offers a unique look to the stock front end. A polished finish is standard ,chrome plating is optional at an additional cost.Colored anodizing and powder coating are also available. Standard material is 1" aluminum. 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" material are available at an additional cost.[see pricing] These tree sets requires spacer kits [sold separately] .These kits supply the correct axle and spacers for the front end being converted.See accessories page?.

Shown below is a 35 mm mid glide with the stock headlight. A smaller outside radius is machined to proportion the smaller 35mm 1 3/8 " tube diameter.The standard 1’ material is used and the finish is polished aluminum. Headlight and adapter bracket sold separately.

Shown below is a 5 degree 39mm Mid Glide. It is set up using the stylish bottom mounted headlight. 1”material is used standard and the finish is polished. Headlight is sold separately.

Shown to the right is our 2004 and up XL Mid Glide kit. Standard models come with the single disc rotor spacer,chromed fender and axle spacers and a precision ground axle.The material is 1" and the finish is polished.This kit is priced at $750.00 for the fall 2009/winter 2010 season.They are available in all our rake angles and are built to order.Call or E mail us .[see contact page] 630-858-6416


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