Harley-Davidson FLt Triple Trees

In 1980 Harley Davidson developed a new touring motorcycle.Unlike its older brother the FLH, the FLT had some new features.Aside from the rubber mounted motor and 5 speed transmission they developed a new front end.The tubes were set about 2 1/2" behind the neck.Along with this there was a 3 3/4 degree rake built in to the trees from the factory. Years after its introduction it is still used on most of the touring models today.In the mid 1990,s we developed a line of replacement tree sets for these motorcycles.Receiving calls from trike and side car manufacturers needing this style of trees with added rake. Increasing the the rake helped improve the ease of steering these vehicles .[For rake and trail information see our technical page].We manufacture this tree set in additional [+3 3/4 = 7 1/2 degrees] [+5 =8 3/4 degrees]and [+6 1/4 =10 degrees] ,covering all the years from 1980 thru 1011.


2009 later FLT Tripletrees
Below are 4 pictures of our 7 1/2 degree FLT triple trees that fit the factorys newly modifided and improved touring frame.This set has all the mounting motifications and stop locations to accomodate the new frame .All stock covers, naccelles and hardware bolt up as stock. Like all Machine&Design Flt tree sets it is available in 7 1/2 , 8 3/4 and 10 degree rakes.


2009 UP 10 Degree FLT TripleTrees

Special thanks to Jay at Bumper to Bumper in Twin Mountain NH. for choosing our product and building this cool bagger custom above.




1993 thru 2008 FLT Triple Trees

Below are pictures of our popular 7 1/2 degree triple tree set.This set fits all 1993 thru 2008 flht and flhr models .All stock fairings, covers and nacelles bolt up to these tree sets. The stock fork lock is maintained and and the correct mounts are set up for the lower leg covers.[+2”over tubes and lower leg covers are recommended to maintain proper frame to ground clearance when available].All other models not shown below are described in our pricing.

Machine&Design's 10 Degree Rake Triple Tree set for Harley- Davidson Flt /Flht touring & Flhr Road King model Motorcycles .
Our 10 degree Triple tree shown above is primarily used on side car applications.We have built this tree set for trike use when ease of steering must be increased due to medical conditions of the rider. Extra wide tires and frame alterations will also increase the need for the extra trail reduction [10 degree rake ] .This triple tree set is available in all manufactured years from 1980 -up.
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Below are 3 pictures of a 1998 Road King project we did several years ago.The installation was performed at our sevice facility B&B services of Lombard IL.[630-953-0880].The bike was being set up to occasionally use a side car.The motorcycle handled very well considering the fact that we added 6 1/2 degrees of rake[10 degree tree set]and 4 " of tube length to the front end.This project worked good as a 2 wheeler and with the side car.[The added rake helps the steering conditions created by the addition of the side car]This tree set for the Harley -Davidson Road King are available in a 7 1/2, 8 3/4 & 10 degree models.
1980 thru 1992 FLT Triple Tree Sets
Below are several pictures of our early style flt triple tree sets. As above these sets come with all the Machine & Design features and are available in the 7 1/2 , 8 3/4 and 10 degree rakes.For prices go to our price page .
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