BUELL Triple Trees
Machine & Design build a complete line of Buell triple trees. We offer them in the standard width of 195 mm. We also build them in a custom 8 1/2" wide and 9 7/8" standard Harley-Davidson wide glide. Buell tube diameters come in the conventional 43 mm or the inverted 54 mm. We offer these tree sets in 1" 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" material. They can be built with any of our 5 rake angles or standard with no rake built in.Polished aluminum is the standard finish , chrome plating is offered at an additional cost Special wheel and axle spacers are required for the 8 1/2" and 9 7/8"wide triple trees.Shown below are 2 pictures of our 5 degree rake, 54 mm inverted tube triple tree.This set is the standard width using 1" material and has a polished finish.
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