Harley-Davidson V Rods
Machine & Design are building a variety of custom triple trees for the V Rod market. This highly customized bike from the factory offers a lot of potential for the custom bike builder. Pictured below are several tree sets and projects we have been involved with.Call or E mail us on any V Rod front end projects.
Above are 4 pictures of our 7 1/2 degree standard widthV Rod triple tree . The material is 1" polished aluminum. The fork stop and fork lock are for the factorys stock frame application.


Harley V Rod 49mm Standard 0 degree rake


Below are 3 pictures of our 0 degree rake 49mm V Rod triple trees.This set is a stock application. The headlight bolts up as stock , the fork lock and fork stop location are in the stock location.This tree set helps to stabalize the steering .



The tree set below has been lightend close to the weight of the stock tree set. This set also has 0 degree of rake.It is also stock applction

Custom Extra Wide chrome plated V Rod Trike Project !

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