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38mm Suzuki 1972 forks to 1966 Ducati frame with custom bearing cups
Above are 2 pictures of a front end conversion on an early Ducati motorcycle. The builder wanted to use a newer style front end to mount on his vintage bike. He obtained a 1972- 38 mm Suzuki front end and wheel assembly . We were called apon to build a special set of trees to accomplish this.We also manufactured the bearing cups .This alowed us to use the more available and durable tapered [timken style] bearing in the neck assembly.We will have more pictures of the project and motorcycle as the project progresses . Contact us for any further information.
Suzuki to Ducati page update 10/9/09
Kawasaki 66.5 mm Tube To Harley FXR Frame
Thiis project that we were called upon to do is why we advertise Put the front end you want on the bike you have!The builder had picked up an inverted Kawasaki front end and decided this should be the set up for his Harley-Davidson FXR.We will be adding pictures of the finished project when they come in.The builder E mailed us when he recieved the tree set and was very pleased with the product.He will be keeping us updated on this cool custom motorcycle build.
The finish on this custom tree set is polished, the neck post and stops are stock application Harley-Davidson FXR.


50 /55 x 214 mm Inverted Drop Pocket For the harley FXDL

Below are 4 pictures of our drop pocket triple trees. The purpose of the drop pocket provides up to 1 1/2" of longer tube length without having to install longer fork tubes. Many applications include using inverted forks such as the Hyabusa inverted on this set.The forks cannot be lengthened without extensive machining.We raise the upper bearing height and lower the tube clamp position to provide the added distance. There are some limitations on this set up, although most triple trees 8"and wider can be set up with this detail. Call or e mail for availability, pricing, and manufacturing times.

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