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Our Photo Gallery shows pictures of Motorcycles, trikes and Side car projects beginning in 1992.These pictures have been sent or e mailed to us from builders, shops and individual owners that used our tripletrees and accessories. In 2018 Machine&Design will arrive at their 26th year manufacturing this product line.

Below is a picture of a Cushman Custom built by Greg at Chi-Town Cushman[1-847-927-5604] We were called upon to build the triple trees and set up the stock forks using the solid 12" wheels.This Scooter turned into a real show piece. The project was completed in July of 2009.

Below are is a picture of a trike project by Chi town Cushman. Again we designed the tree set to accept the solid front wheel onto the Cushman forks. This project was completed in early 2010.



1989 XL EVO, Mid Glide Custom with the 5 degree rake

Dan Ortiz of Albuquerque N.M. sent us this photo of his Custom mid glide project that was completed in the summer of 2010. Dan thanks for the photos.

Dan also sent us a picture of his Ironhead XL Wide glide with the 5 degree rake.

This project was also finished in the summer of 2010.


1994 FXR Custom In 1994 we built our 1st Mid Glide conversion kit. A local builder installed the kit on his bike.We were very impressed with the results of the project and used the bike in our promotions for several years.

1982 FLT Custom

Below is a project that turned out to be real unique.A Shovelhead Bagger with a custom front end.We designed this set of trees for this bike to eliminate the stock FLT fairing and light.It turned out better than we expected!This project was designed and completed in 1994

1980,s softail Custom 71/2 degree


Harley-Davidson FXD Wide Glide Conversion

In 2007 we were involved in a custom FXD conversion.Our customer loved the bike and the way it handled and its style.He did not like the narrow 39mm front end that came stock with this bike. We were called apon to change that, and we did! We built a 1 1/2" thick Wide Glide tree set with a 3 3/4 degree rake.We also built the axle and spacer kit so he could maintain his stock 19" wheel.We were very impressed by this project.The front end conversion changed this bike totally.

1998 Modified Roadking With 10 degree rake

Thanks to Arron Quinn of Charlette N.C. for the great pictures!

2008 7 1/2 degree HOT FLHX Custom

Thanks for the picture ,Tony at Thunder Alley Cycles , Burlington Tx.

Hona Gold Wing 1000 5 degree trike

Thanks ,Anton Cllliers of South Africa

Honda 1982 CB 900 with Side Car

Thanks Mitch Ford for the photo


1976 KZ 900 Custom Smooth Top Triple Tree replacement

Thanks Eric Hausch for the picture

Below are several pictures of a Burgman trike.This set up has a set of our 5 degree triple trees installed to improve steering conditions.Thanks to Dennis Carney of Boiling Springs Pa. for the great pictures. He was pleased with the steering results .


Below is a picture of a 2004 Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan Nomad with a 5 degree raked triple tree . This set up allows for the use of the cool 26" front wheel ! Thanks Kendall for the great picture !

Hot Rod Harley Dyna

Below is a picture of our drop pocket triple tree to fit the Hyabusa inverted forks. This tree set was designed and built to lower the tube clamping location 1" allowing the use of the shorter forks on the Harley Dyna frame. Thanks Bob Arlet for the cool pictures of this very fast motorcycle!


Below is a picture of a 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad Trike. This set up has our stock application 5 degree triple tree. This greatly improved the steering on this beautiful trike! Thanks to Jamie from Queensland Australia for the great picture!

1998 Chicago Motorcycle show 1St Place Winner

Kawasaki VN 2000 5 Degree Rake 15 " Triple Tree

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