Suzuki Triple Trees


Suzuki C-90 Boulevard Triple Tree
Machine& Design offer the full line of Suzuki Boulevard Custom triple trees .Below are 4 pictures of the 41mm tube x 270 mm wide C-90 .This set is designed to accept all factory brackets and covers.A 6 1/4 degree rake is built in on this model.Call if you need more information on a certain model or design. 630-858-6416


Suzuki C-50 Boulevard
Below are 4 pictures of the 41mm tube x 240mm wide C-50 Boulevard.This Tree set is for stock application.All factory tube covers and brackets bolt back up.


Suzuki 41mm x 270mm Custom triple trees for the Intruder
Above are 4 pictures of our stock application Intruder triple trees. They are available in the 5, 6 1/4 and 7 1/2 degree rake models.These sets are designed to accept all the stock brackets and hardware. These set are desirable in assisting the steering conditions of trikes and side car use.This tree set can also be built as a open front end polished or plated for the custom look.For more info e mail


Suzuki Burgman Triple trees
Below are 4 pictures of our 5 degree triple trees for the Suzuki Burgman.We were called upon to build a tree set to improve steering when this bike is converted to a trike.With the 5 degree offset, longer tubes were not required.This prototype was completed in August 2010.Thanks to Cycle Stuff in Murfreesboro Tn. for involving us in this project. For more in email or call 630--858-6416
On this Suzuki model the handle bar risers are optional.


On this model the lower bearing is not included


Suzuki 1200 Bandit 2002 model
Below are 3 pictures of a 5 degree tree set built for the Bandit. This is a stock application tree set.All stock parts lights and covers bolt back up as stock.This tree set will be installed on a trike.

Suzuki VS 800 5 degree Stock Application
below are 4 pictures of our VS 800 stock application triple tree. The 5 degree rake has been built in to assist in the steering for a trike application.All covers guages and accessories bolt up as stock.

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